Richiedi preventivi per i tuoi trasporti e spedizioni

Carriage of live animals: livestock, horses, swines, pets.
Boats and yatches
Carriage of boats and yatches or Inflatable boats.
Building materials
Carriage of cement, cement blocks, floors, window and door fixtures, etc.
Cheap carriage of cars: get quotes by moving transporters. New, used, vintage, damaged, for race and prototype cars.
Container road transportation: Container 20', 40', highcube or refeer
Refrigerated or insulated delivery of meat, seafood products, diry products, generic cool food, drugs.
Dangerous, combustible or explosive materials
Explosive items and substances, flammable liquids, corrosive substances
Fragile goods
Delivery of electro-medical instruments, crystal or glass objects, precision instruments.
Delivery of furniture for office or home, pictures, etc.
Generic packaged items
Carriage of generic packaged products, boxed, not on pallet
Liquids (not dangerous)
Carriage by cistern of drinkable water, wine, milk and other not dangerous liquids.
Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles or scooters trasportation.
Pallet of goods
Delivery of packaged goods on pallet.
Quarry materials
Carriage of inert materials: sand, gravel, rubble, betumen.
Spare parts
Delivery of spare parts for cars, motorcycles, lorries, farming vehicles, construction vehicles, electronic devices.
Other vehicles
Carriage of trucks and tractors, trailers, trailers for boats etc.
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